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It's Amazing: 400 Flipkart Employees Have Become Crorepatis!!!

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The high valuation of Flipkart, especially after the latest funding round in which the company raised $1 billion, has made around 400 employees "crorepatis". These employees, as the norm is in technology companies, hold lots of company shares as part of their compensation. The latest funding round gave Flipkart a valuation of around $7 billion.

According to a report in a business daily, "About one-fourth of Flipkart's 7,000 full-time employees own a stake in the company."

"About 400 of the employees who own a stake have now become crorepatis," a person with direct knowledge of the employee stock option scheme at Flipkart, told the newspaper.

Of the 400, around 20 employees who are in senior positions now own stocks worth at least $1 million.

Interestingly, the $7 billion valuation for Flipkart may be on lower side given its reach, ambitions and potential of growth in Indian e-commerce space. The sector is valued at around $10 billion currently. In comparison, the Chinese e-commerce sector is valued at around $230 billion. Over the next few years, Indian e-commerce sector is poised to grow to around $40 billion.

This is something drew attention of a Jefferies analyst . "We believe India is one of the most exciting markets for Internet-related companies (and their investors), as it offers the rare combination of high growth on a large base," Jefferies analyst Arya Sen wrote in a report in February this year.

Flipkart is not yet profitable. But it is one of the biggest e-retailers in India and even though it faces a strong challenge from Amazon, which started its marketplace in India, last year, in the coming years it can hit very high valuations. Once that happen, there are likely to be many more millionaires among the Flipkart employees.

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Time Saving Excel Shortcuts Keys For PPC

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Save Time Using PPC Excel Shortcuts

CRTL + SHIFT + 4 (To printer $ sign)

CTRL + SHIFT + 5 (To printer % sign)

ALT + =  ( It sums the value )

CTRL+PgUp Switches between worksheet tabs, from left-to-right.

CTRL+PgDn Switches between worksheet tabs, from right-to-left.

CTRL+SHIFT+( Unhides any hidden rows within the selection.

CTRL+SHIFT+& Applies the outline border to the selected cells.

CTRL+SHIFT_ Removes the outline border from the selected cells.

CTRL+SHIFT+~ Applies the General number format.

CTRL+SHIFT+$ Applies the Currency format with two decimal places (negative numbers in parentheses).

CTRL+SHIFT+% Applies the Percentage format with no decimal places.

CTRL+SHIFT+^ Applies the Scientific number format with two decimal places.

CTRL+SHIFT+# Applies the Date format with the day, month, and year.

CTRL+SHIFT+@ Applies the Time format with the hour and minute, and AM or PM.

CTRL+SHIFT+! Applies the Number format with two decimal places, thousands separator, and minus sign (-) for negative values.

CTRL+SHIFT+* Selects the current region around the active cell (the data area enclosed by blank rows and blank columns).

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Top 4 Ways To Know That Who Has Unfollowed You In Twitter?

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When you see your follower count on Twitter drop, it’s a natural instinct to want to find out who unfollowed you. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t provide a built-in way to check for them. You can try to comb through your list of followers manually and see who’s missing, but unless you have a very small list -- or a photographic memory -- this tactic probably won’t be successful. If you’re dying to find out who dropped you, you’ll have to turn to a third-party application.

Mr. Unfollowr
Mr. Unfollowr is a service that tracks your follower activity and notifies you when someone drops off the list. The free version gives you the option of being notified via direct message or email, about once per day. A premium version is available for those who wish to be notified more often. To get started, visit the website and sign in with your Twitter account; you'll need to authorize the app through Twitter and follow @unfollowr to get it to work.

Goodbye, Buddy!
If you grant Goodbye, Buddy authorization to check your Twitter account and follow the @GoodbyeBuddy profile, the service tracks your followers and updates once a day with a list of the people who have unfollowed you. It doesn't offer automatic notifications, but you can log into the Goodbye, Buddy website and view your unfollower statistics. The free service keeps track of your 30 most recent unfollowers. To view more or receive hourly updates, you can upgrade to the paid version.

Unlike similar apps, TwUnfollow doesn't require that you follow them on Twitter in order to use the service. Just visit their website and sign in with your Twitter account to authorize the app, and it starts tracking your followers immediately. Within about 48 hours of being unfollowed, you'll receive an email notification. You can also check your unfollowers directly from your TwUnfollow profile page.

SocialBro is a comprehensive Twitter analytics tool that offers multiple ways to analyze and manage your Twitter community. In addition to tracking users who unfollow you, it also shows you the Twitter users you follow who don't follow you back and it makes it easy to follow and unfollow multiple users at once. SocialBro is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, and as an add-on for Google Chrome.

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Infographic: What are Adword Terms and Definitions?

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Here you can get right and accurate info about Adword, PPC Terms and definitions in simple and sober language. So Just read and improve your knowledge about Adword Terms that will help to be a professional marketer.                                                         Path to PPC
| |
| |
| |

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How to Increase Website Traffic Free

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As a business owner you not only want as much traffic to your site as possible, you also want to attract the demographic that's most interested in your products. There are two main ways of doing this online. The first is to get referral traffic – that is, get other sites to link to yours -- ideally from within the same niche. The other is organic traffic, which means visitors who find your site through Web searches.


 I. Referral Traffic

1. Post your best blog posts to social media sites like Reddit and Digg. To avoid coming across as a spammer, become an active member of these communities by regularly submitting good content and commenting on other posts.

2. Set up Twitter and Facebook pages for your site. Keep these active with new updates and links – about both your own site and other information relevant to your site's main audience. Contact people who run similar or complementary sites and build relationships with these people. Then, you can share each others' content through your respective networks.

3. Write guest post for blogs on similar topics. You're normally allowed to add a link from your guest post back to your own site. Don't skimp on the quality either; if you produce quality content for your host, you may be invited to post again.

II. Organic Traffic

4. Perform keyword research using tools like the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This will help you find search keywords that you can use to optimize your site. The high-volume keywords will probably be too competitive, so look for the “long-tail,” which means keywords with less traffic, but less competition too. For example, if you run a health site than "weight loss" or "healthy foods" will be too hard to break into, but more niche topics may not, such as "Vitamin D needs for elderly people."

5. Build links to your site. The more links you get, the better your positioning will be in the search engine results, particularly if the links come from high-quality sites. Try asking your social networking followers to link to you, running competitions where entry requires a link to your site and writing guest posts for other sites. Also, produce high-quality, original work, as this will naturally result in people linking to you.

6. Optimize your Web pages for the keywords you identified in Step 1. Add the keyword to your HTML “<title>” tags, add them to the “alt” tags of any images, put them in the URL of the page and put them in the articles a few times.

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Worlds Best Top 10 Free Website Builder

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Now make your own world on the cyber space through creating a free website using world's best top 10 free website builders. Which are free and fast and also easy to cutomize.

1.  Google Sites

2.  Webs


 3. Jimdo


4. Yola


5. Tripod


 6. Weebly

7. Webnode

 Here is an example of webnode:

 8. Moonfruit


 9. WikiSpaces


 10. Wetpaint


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